Triathlon & Happiness | The Relationship Between Sport & Mental Health


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Mental health illnesses are just as real as a broken bones, yet we still find them so hard to talk about. This needs to change and we want to help open the discussion further in th


Triathlon & Happiness | The Relationship Between Sport & Mental Health

  • I got into triathlon in a more backwards way. I do neuroresearch and one of our studies was on the effect of fitness and it's neuroprotective properties. While doing the literature review for it, and seeing all these studies looking at the healthy effects of endurance and overall fitness, I decided I should get back into shape and maybe try my hand at triathlon. - GhostTrainPhoto
  • Good job addressing this! Thank you! - Erik Schopman
  • how we get related videos to this subject of positive effect of triathlon in mental health ? - Alkhadar Al-Rashdi
  • Been there, annihilating myself with training to forget the despair. Self loathing, overtraining, injuries, burnout. - Andrej Skafar
  • Here again after today's incident, listening to therapeutic Sarah. She should stay calm and watch this video and hear her words after that awful collapse. We are all with you Sarah❤️ - Stefan Kovac
  • Guys, I am a great fan of your videos, but this one is next level! Thank you so much for openly talking about this and raising awareness. I had personally suffered with menthal health issues in the past and got into triathlon to avoid going there again. The exposure to the elements along with a sense of accomplishment are a great way to combat stress and prevent other factors that usually trigger those issues. Very inspirational. Thank you again! - Mike Borrelli
  • Thank you for raising such an important topic, and looking at it in such a fantastic way. I’d always flirted with deep depression but after a back injury floored me, I ended up deep in it. Exercise is definitely my saviour. I’m more a cyclist than triathlete (based on number of events!) but it all helped. Cycle-therapy is what has me being here to comment today. The more awareness there is, the easier it is to talk and help everyone affected or with someone affected with any mental health challenge - Neil Simpson
  • Don't give up! Good advice.
    Also try meditation - helps mentaly a lot, also if you don't have mental issues - Mario
  • Wow, thanks for making such a great video about this important topic! And a huge thank you to the Triathletes to speak so open about their experience! - Teresa Hehle
  • Please do more on this subject it’s so important! Iv been fighting my mental health for over 20years and it so helps to see these “strong” people admit they struggle too, Iv been trying to complete the training for an Ironman for so many years but it’s always my head that gets in the way, I did 4 months of great training to try and complete Lanzarote this year, I was sooo motivated then within the course of a couple of weeks it was gone! I was so down and angry with myself, I took an OD and didnt train for two months, I’m finally getting back into it again but every time is a little harder, I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to the start line, let alone the finish line, but I’ll keep trying - David Bale
  • Tu też bym zerknął:, jak dla mnie ok.
  • All I can say is wow. Such a short video made the blocks fall into place from my earliest childhood memories to now. There is a pattern, and now matter how far I run or ride from it, it is still there and it is not just me, it happens to other people too. Thanks for such an eye opening video. I will have to rewatch this several times there is so much in it. - c s
  • Thank you to GTN and Heather for liking and replying to so many comments. Myself and I'm sure others are appreciative. It shows true passion and care for mental health awareness. - Tristan C
  • Fantastic. I've spent time with anxiety. Triathlon and training gives me the time to think. Either about the challenge ahead or what Fraser, Mark or Heather said about technique. If you break a bone you get it seen to, if you have trouble with your well-being it's a stigma. Some great advice here. Life is better when you Tri - Nicholas Woodley
  • Thank you for sharing this episode GTN.
    Myself, and many people I train and compete with suffer from depression. We swim, ride, and run to disconnect.
    I would have to say I feel more open with my fellow triathletes than I am with family or friends. We may not all be going through something, but we all have our reasons why we train and that understanding and acceptance speaks volumes.
    It's not always easy to wake up for a 5am session, but the day is always so much greater after having finished. - Tristan C
  • This is brilliant - REDEEL16
  • What is the accent/pronunciaion Sarah speaks? - Andrei Dolgushin
  • Great video. Important stuff. 👍👍 - BornAgainTriathlete
  • A lot of information in this video really transcends triathalon or sport in general. Thank you - LeanMeanMemeMachine
  • Thank you! This sport
    really does give me a better outlook and chance to escape x - jimmy Altoft
  • Thank you. This is good stuff. Really appreciate this, and very well made. - squeakycheesers