Triathlon: A Team Or Individual Sport?


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Is triathlon a team or individual sport? Heather chats to the Norweigan trio of Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden & Casper Stornes to get their opinions on the topic. Subscribe to


Triathlon: A Team Or Individual Sport?

  • Great piece of content. I'm a big fan of that trio, the fact that they all come from the same country and manage to keep that form is impressive. I met Gustav last time he visited Taiwan after he won the WC. I look forward to meeting Casper and Kristian, in the meantime, I'll keep following them on IG and Strava. Go Norway! - Javier Leon
  • My trainer is the brother to Gustav - Mathias Hovda
  • I think Ironman should increase the draft box to 20 metres as they do in the Challenge Championship and actually enforce it! I was passed on the F1 circuit in Bahrain by a peloton of about twenty riders blatantly cheating. Not a draft buster in sight. - Alan Bayliss
  • Well...Cycling is individual with a team construct, so why not? - Aaron C
  • Heia Norge - Shlerhto.
  • Good english boys - AnnikenMJ
  • Also knowing how fast your teammates are so you can pace yourself! - Josh Geary
  • Nice video 👍 - Daniela Widmer
  • I would imagine that triathlon clubs act as a semi-team too! I helped out another member of our club during the run a while back - they were on their second lap, I was on my first, so I paced faster than they were running and helped them to push a bit faster than they would have otherwise! They ended up placing :) - Iron Will