Races That Changed Triathlon! | Amazing Tri Moments That Shaped Our Sport


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All sports have their defining moment but what about our relatively new and young sport of triathlon; does it also have those standout pivotal moments too? Of course it does, Mark


Races That Changed Triathlon! | Amazing Tri Moments That Shaped Our Sport

  • What is your stand out triathlon moment? 🔥 - Global Triathlon Network
  • Not mentioning Super League? That was a genuine surprise - Gregor Weigl
  • I oh wa lol - Seth Johnson
  • Hey. You forgot about the Ultraman!!!! Been around since 1983. Ultraman World Championships – The Greatest Race in the World (ultramanworlds.com) - rob fetty
  • What about Xterra and off road triathlons?! Anything out in nature is better than anything on pavement! 😃 - Winkler Tribe
  • Right so Ironman... How long before it's Ironperson and the half Ironperson?🙄😳🤔 - Ian Tarry
  • Uberman triathlon? - Taufik Abidin
  • Big island of Kona huh? And they say Americans are the uneducated ones - Josh Skalnik
  • Half Ironman races existed before the name change to 70.3, I still have the shirts for half ironman dating to the mid 1990's - Ricardo R
  • Ironman Canada Triathlon, when it was in Penticton. Many great moments. Glad the race is back. Whistler was ok, but nothing beats Penticton. - Garrett Graf
  • Tu macie więcej icomfix.pl, w każdym razie ja polecam.
  • The finish for the women's race at the 2012 Olympics ! It may not have changed triathlon, but it's my favourite moment :) - Georgie Hicks
  • Challenge Daytona? - Triathlon Hampus
  • Awesome history lesson! I know you mention tri is a young sport, but I had no idea it has only been in the Olympics for 20 years! How cool! I am so pleased that tri has finally made it to the Paralympics too. As a tandem rider it’s a nice dream to have. Doing my first super sprint this Sunday. - Eagleironic
  • Really love the channel, and have been watching religiously for a few years now. But I have to ask: what's going on with the space porn music? - The Wizard
  • You said the first Ironman was to decide who was fittest, swimmers, bikers or runners, you said who won but not which discipline he came from. - Robin Wood
  • Xterra? No love...again. - Lāna'i Mountain Biker
  • Sam McGlone, not Sarah - Mail Element
  • If you take all the Ironmen & all the 70.3 races put together, they did not change the world of triathlon as much as the thousands & thousands of reginal & local age group races... not even close. - Bob Warren
  • No mention of Welch v Ingraham 1997 IM World Championship both crawling to the finish line. No one remembers who won, but can't forget that finish between these awesome athletes. - Steven Nato
  • I agree with Simon Whitfield's remarkable 2000 Olympic race (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc4kVXLCOIg). It was a defining moment in the sport - It was (and still is) the most incredible demonstration of the competitive spirit I've ever seen. I suspect a lot of Canadians were introduced to Triathlon, just as I was after this competition. - Eric Lamoureux