Is There A Perfect Body Shape For Triathlon?


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Swimming, cycling and running have very different demands on the body. Triathlon is a completely different challenge all together! So what is the ideal body shape for this multi sp


Is There A Perfect Body Shape For Triathlon?

  • What do you think, is there a perfect body type for triathlon? Let us know! - Global Triathlon Network
  • I just ate 2 Hershey bars watching this - thelaC100
  • You can be an average swimmer and cyclist but if you are a great runner, you'll be very competitive in triathlon. The same can't be said for individual excellence in swimming or cycling so that should tell you all you need to know about optimal body types. - Sean Cullen
  • Great piece GTN, - Seb Gallery
  • Mind over mater, bring it on. - Tiago Sousa
  • Beautiful scenery at 1:58 on. - Apex
  • Am 17stone, after losing 7stone. Use to play rugby (prop). Am hoping to do some Tri a Tri's during the summer and hopefully a full sprint at the end of the summer. My size is my biggest worry, been around slim fast athletes. - M P
  • I have huge boobs that get in the way when I cycle or run, giving me upper back pain😣. Never seen anyone with an E cup anywhere near the podium, so I'm guessing mine isn't exactly the ideal body type for triathlon 😏 - Nonhlanhla Mkumbuzi
  • Just don’t worry about your body type and go swim, bike and run - Jake Sherron
  • Can someone explain the logic of needing more "power"for longer race event? The video mentions that a few times but i dont get it at all. Power for me refers to explosive power, i.e. short duration, high intensity movements. Why would you need that for a longer race? - Yul-Rahim Zaman
  • Tu jest więcej JEDZ, w każdym razie ja polecam.
  • to sum up: it varies! a bit of all - B.M. Turceanu - Hike & Run
  • This is possibly the most boring and self explanatory video I’ve seen 😴🥱😵 - Anthony Newberry
  • i was working in a bike store before. And one of the customer where a coach for a track and field team. He said i looked like a triathlet when i pumped the tire :) i took that as a compliment :P - Jonas Ler
  • Iam really tall really wide and heavy build but I would like to do a Ironman even just one because I have a big bone structure - Erik Steenkamp
  • Can you please tell all this bullshit to Iron Cowboy who will laugh at you and tell you he wants to look good as well. - Ahmad Kader Aga
  • Very much surprised no statistics shown. 🙄🤔
    Triathlon is mainly endurance, not strength. Yes there is a perfect body shape, type. Lean (not muscular at all, extra weight) with average height, longer levers and the power to weight ratio. 05:00 Lesley Paterson is spot on. Moreover, swimming is important but the least determining part, it's cycling and especially running which will determine who wins. - B BG
  • Go Banana! - PrimatoFortunato
  • My kick was always my main strength in swimming. - justalurkr
  • Someone want to help train me for a triathlon? - Abhi M.J
  • So not a 250lb endomorph bodybuilder? - Shane Mcman