How To Train For Your First Triathlon | An Introduction To Triathlon Training


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GTN are going to be bringing you a series of videos to help you train and prepare for your first triathlon! You’ve entered your first event...but where do you start? Subscribe


How To Train For Your First Triathlon | An Introduction To Triathlon Training

  • I started on a mountain bike just going up and down the hill in my neighbourhood. Just use what you can. Half the battle is actually going and doing it. - Apex
  • Please do sections for relay triathalons - Firebird
  • Awesome. Where do I sign up! - Jason Reeves
  • Ill be back when im competing on triathlon. - MaiDon Duran
  • Awesome video! we are documenting our ironman triathlon journey and have just posted a video recently on how fasted training can be beneficial! Hope that information can be of help as any of you train for your triathlon! :) - The Average Fit
  • Very good, fun video. - Vesna Hozjan
  • Love the editing; great videos look for ward to more - Christian Larsen
  • I think that the 6 - Stefano Ravalli
  • ❤️🤝 - Unathi Mkalipi
  • Does anyone know where I can find that poster at 2:19? - TronCrusher
  • Jak nie tam to może tu - olejek z konopi cbd, zawsze coś przydatnego.
  • What is the sequence of triathlon? Fist which one swimming or running or biking? - GMR Technical innovation
  • i find this video very helpful on the first-hand basics of riding a triathlon bike, this is a well organized and thorough channel on the three disciplines - McCully M.
  • thanks

    youbravo - miri shane
  • when you’ve been training six days/week for seven months in preparation, and realize you’re way over trained for your first entry tri lol - Topher J
  • #@3:04 Is the bottle at the wrong place ...I don't think so...But why this place?😁😱...May be its a Nitrogen boost - A Mango Man
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  • I heard running with drugs helps you run faster.. - Matt _
  • why did my english teacher send this as a homework... - llama