Chasing Ten - Ironman Triathlon Documentary


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Triathlon is a sport that requires endurance and dedication in order to succeed. Adam is an amateur triathlete who is attempting to break the 10 hour mark in only his second ever


Chasing Ten - Ironman Triathlon Documentary

  • So freaking good. - Steve Tipple
  • Great 👍 - Himanshu Sharma
  • My best Ironman time is literally 10:00:52 at Ironman Canada. It was a bitter pill for a while but it was a solid race so oh well. Two years later I was in better shape for IM Wisconsin. 10 days before race my appendix had to come over. Sub-10 and WQ placing was gone. That one really stung for a while. - Drive My Exotic
  • brilliant watch, thanks - Jordan Glasby
  • I did a 70.3 in like 7:50 it was more pain then i had ever experienced. Hats off to those who can pull a full Ironman. - ChevyStuffs
  • The 3 things you need to do an Ironman.... Money, time and narcissism. This was made by... him. - ROY FR
  • I finished la Quinta 70.3 in 8:26 min
    I forgot the timer is diff to when everyone starts so I thought it was 8:36 min I didn't want my finisher medal I was pissed. Then I found it I actually made it and I was relived. No one understands, or so I thought! - matt
  • I would but I suck at swimming 😢😭 and I'd probably drown 😅 - eyang7
  • Nice modest intro , - Bob Bob
  • Well done chap. And the movie was well done too. I wonder if he is looking at 9 hours now. I mean he totally smashed his time and he still has that expensive bike....why not? - James Festini
  • Tu też można zobaczyć psychiatra Lublin jak uważacie, ja sądze że jest ok.
  • Nice! I was wondering where did you ride your bicicle for training? So beautiful. - LF
  • Extremely inspiring! salute to you man! - Manan Sarupria
  • Good job. Now the man will be obsessed with 9h 30m! - John Burleson
  • Love this!! - Brendon in Cairns
  • তারক জানা - Tarak Jana
  • ReadyToTriathlon Coaching (Online, Group and 1-2-1) - Stuart Payne
  • To have the endurance that strong already hard goal to me, haha.
    But I'm working on it! - Mas Umar
  • Not the first time watching this docu. One of the most inspiring videos on youtube to me. Thx for sharing your experience. Really touching my triathlon soul. Sub 10, amazing. - marcello zogg
  • I came for ironman not this😭 - Joe MAMA
  • Wow! Congratulations! - Wade Coons